How To Remove Rust

How To Remove Rust

Rust – the age old metal ruining demon which is a nightmare in all homemakers’ lives. You don’t need to be an Einstein to know how to remove rust and as someone who takes care of the house so well, it would be great if you could also master this. Wouldn’t it? Read this article to find out some easy methods of remove rust from your windows, furniture, doors and other places of the house.

Method 1

You will need a paintbrush, a rust converter and a wire brush for this. Rust converters at almost all super markets and home improvement stores and work well on surfaces of steel and iron.

The first thing to do would be to scrape off the flaking portions of the rust. Now apply the rust cleaner with a paintbrush. In case of a spray, you can apply it directly. The chemical reaction ensues making the rust turn black. You can now apply fresh paint over this and not have any signs of the rust.

Method 2

Get hold of a sandpaper and a wire wheel connected electric drill for this one. The first thing to do will be o sand the surface. You can also a steel wool.  No matter which one you use, it must be coarse since rust can be difficult to remove. Finish off with a finer paper to make the surface smooth. The electric drill with a wire brush can be used for a heavier build of rust.

Method 3

This method makes use of chemicals and so you will need goggles and rubber gloves to protect yourself. Rugs, a paintbrush, a putty knife will also be require apart from chemical removers.

Whenever you are doing some household work which involves the use of chemicals, you must ensure that the room in which you are working is well-ventilated. Wear clothes which cover you well. If the item you want to free of rust is small, such as a lock, a screw, you can keep it immersed in the rust remover for three to four hours if the rust is light and overnight for rust which is heavy. For larger objects or places, use the gel rust remover and read the manufacturer’s directions to understand how much time the material you have will need to be covered with the gel. If there is a strong coat of rust, you may need to redo the process many times before seeing the product completely clean.

Method 4

Soak your rusted object in white vinegar or pour a layer of the liquid on the rusted area and give it some time. The rust and the vinegar will form a paste which you can then scrape off. You can dip aluminum foil in white vinegar and then use it for scrub the rusted portion too.

Method 5

Sprinkle a layer of salt over the rusted area of a metal piece and then pour some lemon or lime juice over it. It should form a thick paste. Give this mixture about three to four hours’ time. Then scrape off with lime rind.

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