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How to Fix Leaking Taps In Kitchen

How to Fix Leaking Taps In Kitchen

While the idea of repairing your own taps may seem challenging but in fact, modern taps are not too complex and once you know the basics, you can do it on your own. What you will end up with is saving on some cash which would have gone out to the plumber. Replacement parts can be difficult to find though. The three main types of faucets are the cartridge, rotary ball and ceramic. Read on to learn how to repair a faulty faucet and to stop it from leaking.

Things Needed

The Allen wrench is the basic thing required for all tap repairs. Screwdrivers and slip-joint pliers are also important requirements. However, what you need will also depend a lot on what kind of faucet you have.

How to Repair

Examine the tap closely to understand where the leak is taking place from. Turn off the water supply and open the faucet from the centre. Cover the sink drain holes with baskets or cloth to avoid the slipping of small parts. Take a close look at how things are arranged inside the faucet. In fact, this can be a good tutorial class. Take photos if possible. Check the valve in the interior to see if there are mineral deposits or torn gaskets. Vinegar is a good way to loosen mineral deposits. The gasket needs to be replaced from the plumbing store. Those of you who experience a slow flow of water check for plugged holes in the faucet. Check the aerator and clean it. Before you put back the parts in place, start the water flow once and hold a thick rug on the faucet beforehand. This will clear all debris deposited within the faucet. Now open the valves and let the water flow till all air is gone from the pipes. Look for replacements of parts of the faucet at the local plumbing store.

Different Types of Taps and Their Troubles

  • Ceramic Disc Taps– Leaks in such taps can result from damaged rubber seals. The other reason can be a cracked disk cartridge. If your ceramic disc tap is old, it can crack with pressurized air trapped in it. Hence the need to keep the water running after reassembling the tap.
  • Cartridge Style TapsĀ – Drips with cartridge style taps you need to replace the O-rings or the whole cartridge.
  • Rotary Ball Taps– These are called so because a rotating ball placed within a socket controls the flow of water and its temperature in this kind of taps. Leakage near the handle can be fixed by removing the handle and tightening the ring springs and seats need to be changed if the dripping is from the sprout ends.

In fact, leaking spouts are in general caused by a damaged O-ring and you will have to access the spout for it. For sprayers which are not working good vinegar can be a good cleansing agent. Check the diverter valve for clogging. And if all fails, call the plumber!

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